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The Professor's Guide  to College Cheating
ISBN 1-888725-09-5
220 pp. $16.95
Work in process. This book will probably not be available until early 2004.

  • How prevalent is cheating in college courses?
  • Observations/data
  • Classroom research
  • What forms does it take?
  • What harm does it do?
  • What can you do about it?
  • Practical procedures to increase detectability and 
  • Techniques to decrease opportunities/temptations to cheat.
  • Faculty Members, Students:
    To give broader information, 
    I am now collecting original contributions for chapters on actual cases:
    Vignettes on college cheating
    If your contribution is used, you will get recognition (unless you want to stay anonymous), and a copy of the book.
    To submit your stories,
    send to

    E-mail about larger quantities and quantity discounts for educators and other professionals.

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